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After years of squirrels digging up freshly planted pots in my back garden and then chomping away at newly emerging flower heads for afters, I have built some mini cages to neatly fit on some old wine boxes so that I can still grow my favourite salad leaves by the kitchen door. Once the lettuces etc. are of a decent size and can look after themselves, I can remove the cage. Simple to make. All you need is some chicken wire, nails and a 8 small pieces of thin wood (these were reclaimed from a nearby skip). First, cut and then nail the base pieces of wood together to fit around the wooden box, then nail on the 4 upright pieces of wood to the base. Shape and position the wire around the wooden framework and then nail the wire onto the base. Mine’s getting a bit rickety, but still really does the job.

And while I’m blogging, here’s a quick update on the mint I re-potted about 9 weeks ago in March.

Looking very happy and ready to be used in the kitchen too. Spring is a good time to re-pot mint as new growth is so vigorous, but if your mint is pot bound, re-pot anytime throughout spring and summer and even into early October if it is still mild-ish.

And finally, a quick mention for Andrew Babicz’s blog. Every week I receive a ‘What to do in the garden’ list from Andrew. Really comprehensive for both flowers and veg-I find it a timely reminder of when to sow seeds, when to cut back , when to plant out, when to prune and what pests and diseases to look out for. Thanks Andrew!

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