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Hurrah! My first Podcast is now live. I’ve been chatting with my neighbour Simeon about greening up his garden now that he’s spending a lot more time at home during the Lockdown. Come and join us for a few minutes as we discuss what he’d like to grow.

At the beginning of the podcast, I mention that tiny flowers on my Pittosporum tennuifolium are enveloping the garden with a heavenly scent. So here they are, above,

and here’s the whole tree which was once a small shrub. Pittosporums come in all shapes and sizes and are great for edging, hedging and will happily grow into trees if you let them. It’s a plant I use a lot in designs as the foliage is evergreen, but reasonably light and airy, and of course, you get the amazing scent in Spring. What’s not to love!

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