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Chenpodium giganteum in a mixed border

I’m not sure why Chenopodium giganteum isn’t more widely grown. It’s a beautifully decorative annual, sitting well in any mixed border or veg patch (N.B. can grow up to 2m high) and the small outrageously pink leaves will add a bit of glamour to any salad. The larger leaves can be cooked as spinach (with much less shrinkage), and dressed with a sprinkling of olive oil and a splash of lemon juice, is a great veg to accompany many a summer meal.

Self seeded Chenopodium giganteum

It’s also definitely worth noting that this plant is a crazy self-seeder (if you let it!), so once grown, you’ll never have to buy another pack of seeds again. I did plant this on my allotment one year, and the following spring a myriad of seedlings popped up on my plot (and my neighbour’s plot too!).  But the easily identified bright magenta seedlings can be happily transferred elsewhere if there’s a free spot and thinnings-out can add a succulent bite to the salad bowl. Should you fancy trying this out next spring, seeds are available from  Chilterns Seeds.

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