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Maravilla de Verano Canasta Lettuce-delicious

 This is the first year I’ve grown Maravilla de Verano Canasta and it’s a real winner. Sweet tasting, tinged with red (more pronounced in cooler weather) and the beautiful wavy leaves come with a good crunch (and softer edges) . What’s not to love? It’s my favourite lettuce this year.

It’s a good time to sow some now for autumn salads and seeds are available from Nicky’s Nursery . Nicky tells me that this lovely French variety tied for first place in a taste trial by Christine McFadden (aka The Dorset Foodie) for the RHS with Raymond Blanc in 2007. They thought it had an excellent, fresh, sweet flavour and was well-balanced, juicy and crisp. Couldn’t agree more.

p.s. Lettuces won’t germinate in temperatures over 25 degrees C. Sow late in the day/early evening if you’re planning to sow while the weather is still so hot.

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