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Black Seeded Simpson lettuce seedlings

While some of my summer lettuces are still going strong (Freckles and Maravilla de Verano de Canasta), others (Solix and Chatsworth) have started to bolt and it’s time to replace them with seedlings that are waiting in the wings. I planted these Black Seeded Simpson Lettuces three weeks ago, and they’re good and ready now for filling those gaps. (Seeds available from Sarah Raven and Nicky’s Seeds.)

I’ve found that these 5 x 3 modules are an excellent size for getting young seedlings growing. I usually sow 2 seeds per module and if they both germinate, thin them down to one plant. There’s plenty of room for the plants to grow to a decent size before planting out, and the standard sized trays are small enough for me to try out a few different varieties in my mini greenhouse.

Michelle at Veg Plotting says that Black Seeded Simpson is her favourite lettuce this year and I’m looking forward to seeing how they grow over autumn. Meanwhile, it’s time to sow another batch of lettuces (I’m trying out Lettony, Bridgemere and New Red Fire-all from Sea Spring Seeds) and I also have some Endives ( Cornet de Bordeaux) and Chicories (Sugar Loaf, Palla Rossa and Variegata de Castelfranco-all available from Suffolk Herbs) to try out for autumn and winter this year too. Hurrah for a bit of cooler weather to get sowing.

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