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Chewed hellebores

I’ve been reading posts about hellebores for a while now, so as the sun was shining, I thought I’d pop out to the garden to see how mine were coming along. But alas, in what is now becoming an annual event, the squirrel had got there before me.

How do I know it was a squirrel I hear you ask? Well, last year I saw a furry beast merrily munching away at these darkest of buds one morning, just as I was sitting down to munch away at my own breakfast.

I’ve got to hand it to him (her) though. He (she) does have good taste, with this particular bloom being one of my favourites too.

Helleborus niger

My helleborus niger is as yet untouched and I’m hoping (against hope!) for great things as the whole plant starts to unfurl.

Sarcococca hookeriana

On a more positive note, my Sarcococca hookeriana is blasting out the most gorgeous of winter scents,  and (just about) making up for the loss of my hellebore blooms.

So, already, success and failure in 2013. Looking forward to the year ahead!

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