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This year has flown already. I must say, I’ve struggled to make time to blog, but I have found Instagram (I’m naomi.outofmyshed by the way) very alluring and now have a widget on my blog showing my Instagram images.

Using my iPhone (mostly), it’s so quick and simple, and for me, it’s a great way to record what grows and blooms throughout the year, (plus a few dogs in coats, sculptural stuff and great lighting installations). I do have to restrain myself though to a post (ish) a day. I’ve been told that that’s quite enough (if not too much?). Anyhow, I love it!

But there are times that you want to say (and share) a little more.

So here’s a gorgeous Clematis alpina Columbine. An early flowerer. I planted it last year and it’s slowly building up new growth and beautiful clusters of flowers. There’s no need to prune this unless it gets out of hand, and it’s a smallish well-behaved variety (growing to 6-8ft), so I don’t think it’ll need too much attention for a while.

Its petite blue/purple delicate flowers are a joy to behold, and good to spend time with for a bit of quite contemplation.

Meanwhile, in the front garden, things are a little livelier. The tulips are out. With the sudden burst of hot weather in London, I’m not sure that they’ll be around for long. But they are vibrant and uplifting and a great sight to come home to.

Mistress Mystic is a new one to me. A lovely muted pink with soft orange stripes.

Pink Twist seems really reliable and I do like the solid shape and the paler tinges at the top of the blooms.

Paul Scherer strangely has a few that are double-headed . Never seen that before, and it’s a perfect foil for the brighter hues in the bed.

Ballerina is always a favourite and adds a zing to an otherwise tasteful yet subdued palette. They don’t seem to be reliable as they usually are though and are a bit thinner on the ground than I thought I had planned. Following a comment from Barbara below, I spoke to my bulb supplier, Peter Nyssen, who said that due to a mild winter followed by really cold weather, many bulbs have struggled to grow well this year. Suppliers all over Europe have had these problems and there will be a shortage of decent sized bulbs to order as a result of this when ordering in autumn-so don’t leave it too late this year!

And finally, on top of the bay window in the front garden, these jolly tazetta daffs are looking fabulous en masse. They’re an heirloom variety from pre 1937 (according to Peter Nyssen Bulbs) called Yellow Cheerfulness, and I can’t argue with that.

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