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Tim’s back and creating more fantastic topiary in our area.

At the beginning of the year on a bright winter’s day, Tim started transforming a neighbour’s troublesome and massively overgrown hedge into a thing of beauty. Troublesome, because it was such a solid and enormous mass, that people were doing bad things under cover of the dense privet.

On first sighting, Tim’s thoughts flew to an elephant herd, and no sooner thought of  than done!

Tim is a fast worker, even with a spot of tennis elbow,

and with ‘team elephant’ behind him, managed the first cut in a few 2 hour sessions.

Six months later and after its second cut, the herd is looking amazing. There are still a few areas that need to fill out, but we’re all mighty impressed with Tim’s achievement. Both ‘London in Bloom’ and ‘It’s your neighbourhood’ judges who recently visited our area were bowled over by this amazing transformation and if you stand to look and stare for a few moments, you will soon get into conversations with other passers-by who are similarly wowed by this wonderful herd.

The residents are delighted to have reclaimed their front garden and the rest of the neighbourhood  benefits from this fantastic piece of public art.

Tim Bushe’s previous topiary sculptures can be seen just up the road in Highbury and Tim can be contacted on Twitter @HedgecutterMan or at tim@walkerbushe.co.uk if you’d like him to create other works of art in your area, with all proceeds going to his sister’s charity, the HFT Trust. If you’d like to make a donation, go to Tim’s page on Just Giving.

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Photo: Sarah Cuttle

Gorgeous weather, delicious cake and a fine array of seeds and plants to give away made ‘Cake Sunday’ a really enjoyable get-together for neighbours participating in our community veg growing scheme. Over 100 households have now joined up to grow flowers and veg in their front gardens (and tree pits on the streets) and it was great to see lots of familiar faces as well as some new ones too.

Photo: Sarah Cuttle

This year we gave away purple French Beans, Swiss Chard, especially good for the less sunny garden, and wildflower seeds for tree pits all around our neighbourhood.

We also had masses of Hollyhock seeds, collected from Lindsey’s front garden to share, as these do surprisingly well in the inhospitable area around tree bases too.

Photo: Sarah Cuttle

Now in our fourth growing season, our green growbags and large planters are proliferating in front gardens, as neighbours are eager to grow a large selection of veg, including potatoes (as above), courgettes, tomatoes, Jerusalem artichokes and some very decorative rhubarb plants.

Photo: Sarah Cuttle

Front gardens are a great place to meet up with nieghbours on ‘Cake Sundays’, chat about all things horticultural and indeed anything else!

As part of the Chelsea Fringe this year, we’re inviting visitors to join us on Sunday May 27th 2013 for another bumper Cake Sunday, with all the trimmings. Amongst many metres of bunting, visitors can come sup tea and cake, and find out more about our community veg growing project. Our beans won’t be at the top of the poles by then, but we’ll  be holding edible window box workshops,

a topiary demonstration by Tim Bushe and hopefully a few heats of the Chelsea Fringe Edible Olympics. Cucumber javelin anyone?

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