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Mara des bois strawberry in October 2

Last year I experienced Mara des Bois strawberries for the first time (having planted them the summer before) and was so delighted with these fruits that I’ve ordered more for me, my clients and our community veg growing project. They really are one of the most delicious fruits I’ve ever tasted, and being a perpetual type of strawberry, will crop from July until October-how impressive is that! Half cultivated variety and half wild strawberry, these berries don’t need full sun to perform well and still have the most succulent bite, whilst retaining some of the intense sweetness of their wilder relative.

Mara des bois bare-rooted strawberries

So here’s what two dozen looks like! They arrived bare-rooted at the weekend (from Pomona fruits,

Soaking Mara des bois bare-rooted strawberries

and I unwrapped them straight away and put them in a bowl of water for a good long soak.

Heeling in-pottong up bare-rooted strawberries

I was hoping to give some of these away at the weekend at our spring Cake Sunday, but alas, it was snowing, so we’ve postponed the get-together for a few weeks and I’ve potted these up until next we meet. These strawberries will be great for lining a pathway, or in a mixed border with perennials and other fruit and veg and they’ll be ideal for generous window boxes and containers too.

So if you want to extend your berry picking season until October, you can order these now and Pomona Fruits will be sending bare-rooted Mara des Bois plants out until the end of June.

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