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I say luscious, because as most other plants are hunkering down under the soil for winter, I have some evergreen Polypodium that look so fresh and vibrant, that they enliven my garden like no other plant. Bought from fern specialist Fibrex a number of years ago, these ferns (growing mostly in dry shade in my garden), have spread over the years to form a rich sea of green wherever planted.

At the beginning of the year, I was tempted by a Woodwardia radicans at the RHS spring show (above). It’s not completely hardy in the UK, but seems to do well in a couple of gardens I work in in London. This would certainly fill up a shady spot.

I’ve been keeping an eye on a Woodwardia in Maida Vale and nestled in a sheltered spot, this evergreen (non-native) fern has happily survived the last two difficult winters. Woodwardia is a larger fern (can grow up to 2 metres) and has bulbils on the tip of its fronds, which root into the soil when they touch the ground. I  found this new plant (above) while clearing up a border for winter, so I’ve potted it up, will keep in under cover for winter and then plant out for more gorgeous lushness as the weather warms up in spring.

And although, in theory, plants in December should be on the wane, I’ve let this tender Plectranthus stay out in the garden, carefully monitoring for frosts, and have been rewarded by these gorgeous delicate flowers. It’s coming in tonight, but this delicious foliage has delighted all summer.

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