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Here’s one I made earlier! In the raised bed are orange tulips, ‘Ballerina’, the pink tulips are ‘Curly Sue’, plus some orange Ranunculus and giant red Mustard leaf (as per my header above!). As the ground beneath the beds is fairly solid clay, the raised beds, filled with much lighter, but nutrient rich soil, provide ideal growing conditions for my flowers and veg. And eventually, the worms will work the compost into the clay, improving the soil below.

And here’s the same bed before it was planted up. One palette makes a complete raised bed measuring approx 3m long by 1m wide. Perfect size for my front garden.

These were the most useful tools I found to break up the palette. A sledge-hammer and a crowbar. I was struggling away with a normal hammer and a chisel, when Manuel, my neighbour, came to my rescue and produced these great tools. If you don’t have these, then worth asking neighbours/ friends or family, as they do make the job a lot easier. You’ll also need a saw, a normal hammer and nails to build the bed, once you’ve deconstructed the palette.

So here’s neighbour Claire demonstrating ‘how to’. Firstly, remove as many nails from the outside of the slat as possible.

Then, get the crowbar right under the slat, hammer it in and gently prize away the slat from the post, being careful not to be too gung-ho and splitting the slat in the process.

With 14 slats to remove, it can take some time, but your endeavours will be rewarded!

Hammer out any remaining nails,

et voila! Wood, ready to build your raised bed with. Saw the 4 posts (the shorter pieces of wood) in half, so you have 8 smaller posts.

Then start nailing slats to each post. For the centre posts, the slats should be nailed to meet in the middle of the post.


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