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Now that the rain has washed away all the snow, I was eager to see what is growing in the garden after such a cold spell. I ‘m delighted to discover snowdrops making their way through. This shouldn’t surprise me, as it’s the lengthening day rather than temperature that cause snowdrops to burst through snow and ice to reach the light. If you look closely you can see that the the tip of the leaf is sharp and hard to help them break through the soil and Snowdrops, along with other early flowering bulbs and plants, grow and flower at this time of year before there are any signs of leaves growing on surrounding trees to gain maximum light.

Another delight is Helleborous foetidus, here surrounded by ferns and Helleborus x hybridus-not yet in flower.

Also spotted the gorgeous and delicate pink flowers of Cyclamnen coum starting to peek through. And not forgetting the lovely speckled leaves which also provide invaluable interest at this time of year.

Arum italicum ‘Pictum’ is such an amazing foliage plant and still looking good despite being frozen, then covered in snow. In my garden it tends to pop up all over the place, so I carefully dig it out, which means digging deep as the bulbs of this plant travel 5-6 inches down into the soil, and pass onto family and friends. It’s grows really well in dry shade too, which is extremely advantageous for the parts my garden which are shaded by neighbours’ fences and competing with tree roots for moisture and nutrients.

Finally, I have to admit that although I planted most of my bulbs in good time, I forgot to plant my allium bulbs. However, I have just planted them almost as an experiment to see if they come up when planted so late. I did disturb the roots of a few other plants around them and carefully mulched these areas as we probably will still have very cold temperatures before it starts getting warmer again. If you still have tulip bulbs, planting them now should be OK. Plant them at least 5 inches (12.5cm) deep and deeper, up to 10 inches(25cm) if possible . Also, add some grit to the bottom of the hole to improve drainage as tulips hate to sit in wet soil. Not so sure about planting Daffodil bulbs so late, but it’s always worth a try if they still look healthy (not dried out or rotting).They may well just flower a little later this year. Do let me know how you get on if planting bulbs late this year.

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