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My poor back garden has been sadly neglected. While I’ve been pampering front gardens along the street, behind the house has had to play second fiddle not only to our front garden veg growing project, but I’m also writing (and growing veg for) a book (more on that later in the year!).

Euphorbia palustris has been busy colonising most areas, but with such pleasing results that I can hardly complain. It provides a perfect foil for this self-seeded Aquilegia and purple and green has to be one of my favourite colour combinations.

Before venturing out for a day’s work this week I spent a contemplative 10 minutes gazing at the plants that had popped up and was amazed at the amount of bees this self-seeded Cerinthe major attracted. I’ve grown some more of these strange beauties this year and I plan to plant them in our community front garden soon. I’ll be very happy if they self seed in such a joyous fashion in this spot too.

In shadier areas this Luzula nivea has teamed up well with Hellebores, bluebells and the creamy marbling of Arum italicum,

and I’d forgotten I’d planted this Anthriscus sylvestris a few years ago as I’ve never seen it flower since! This year of neglect has given me some gorgeous plant combinations and shown me that my constant rearranging of plants may not always give them the opportunity to really settle into the  garden. Having said that, there are a few gaps too. So unless I want a whole sea of lime green Euphorbia palustris, it may be time for a small amount of interference.

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