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Every year Woottens of Wenhaston (in Suffolk) open their Iris Fields for customers to come and be wowed by the rows of colours stretching out before them,

and to choose their favourite bearded irises for despatch later in the year. It’s been a while since I’ve made the 2 hour or so pilgrimage to the fields, but it’s certainly worth it if Irises are your thing. As it’s been so hot and so dry, some of the blooms are over earlier than usual, but there’s still plenty to see at the moment.

If you’re not looking for a particular colour, then it can be a little overwhelming as each new frilly bloom becomes your favourite. Here are some of the Irises that appealed to me as I wandered up and down the fields. Above is Iris germanica ‘Ever After’.

And then I was tempted by I.germanica ‘Braithwaite’.

And another 2 toner called I.germnica ‘Starring’.

I then found myself being seduced by the warm tones of I.germanica ‘Coup de Soleil’,

and the luscious deep petals of I. germanica ‘Superstition’.

I finally decided that the more subtle tones of I.germanica ‘Once Again’ was the one that really did it for me,

until I came across the rows of ‘Dusky Challenger’. The fields are open for another 10 days or so if you’d like to make up your own mind on which is the most desirable Iris, but best to go sooner rather than later as the blooms are fading fast. Contact Woottens so as not to be disappointed before you set off on a journey, although Woottens nursery (mainly specialising in perennials) is just around the corner and never disappoints.

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