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Mint left to grow in your garden will run amok, crowding out most plants in its wake, taking over whole areas in your garden. That’s why it’s always a good idea to grow mint in a pot. However, as mint is such a fast mover, it outgrows its pot very easily and can quickly become pot-bound and die. I re-pot my mint every year and this also gives me the opportunity to pot up cuttings for friends and family too.

When you take the plant out of the container, you can see all the new roots are jammed against the outside of the pot. All these roots can be used for re-potting though.

I like to use the younger roots to re-pot with as this rejuvenates the plant, but mint is such a vigorous plant, any piece of root that is re-potted will soon re-grow.

Take about 4 to 5 lengths or pieces of root and re-pot to the same depth that they were in before. Place the cuttings in the middle of the pot which will give them space to move outwards again. Water the container and in a matter of weeks, your mint will be growing better than ever.

Don’t forget friends and family and pot up some spare plants to pass on and share too.

Now is a good time to re-pot mint as in spring, growth is so vigorous, but you can re-pot mint all through spring and summer, and if it’s still mild-ish in early October, that should be fine too, but just remember new growth will be much slower in early autumn. If you want to buy more different varieties of mint, have a look at Herbal Haven for some very tempting and more unusual varieties.

p.s. Click here for May update on Mint progress.

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