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Working outside and it looks like it’s going to be fairly chilly tomorrow. Just organising tools and equipment for the day and am careful to remember my gloves. I never used to wear gloves as they were far too bulky, but I since found out about the Showa floreo 370 gloves, I’ve never looked back. They’re great  for the majority of gardening jobs, although I do need to take them off when attempting the most intricate tasks, and they don’t always offer protection with the nastiest of thorns or feisty nettles (but you can’t have everything!).  They come in 4 sizes and 6 colours (but only white in XL) and are available from centresalesgloves.

Another good thing about them is when they are dirty (and sometimes a tad on the pungent side) you can just pop them in the washing machine and they come out as new. The only downside is that  you can get holes in the top of the fingers after heavy usage as the gloves are quite fine. At £5.99 they’re not cheapest out there, but they’re certainly worth it!

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