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Now Daffodils are finishing flowering (some of mine have, while others are still going strong), it’s a good time replenish their food reserves so that they’ll repeat the show next year. Firstly, remove the dead heads (just the dead flowers-but leave the stems), so that they won’t use their strength to produce seeds, and then nourish them with tomato feed. This helps the bulbs build up energy so that they will flower again next year. Don’t cut back the leaves at all, as they are also working hard, by manically photosynthesizing, to feed the bulbs.

If you have Daffodils in a pot that didn’t flower this year and that have been in a pot for some time, feed them now and then re-pot them later in the year when the stems have died back or even in autumn when it’s daffodil planting time. When re-planting, use John Innes no.2 compost (a soil based compost that will retain water and nutrients far better than a peat-based multi-purpose compost). It’s a good idea to empty everything out of the pot so you can see what state the bulbs are in. If the bulbs have multiplied, divide these up by carefully pulling peeling off the smaller bulbs from the original bulb, and then re-plant the bulbs (to the same depth that they were planted before) in fresh John Innes no.2 compost. (Should be available at most good garden centres and some Homebases, B&Qs etc.)

And then next year your Daffodils should bring joy again come February/ March and April

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