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Lovage flowers with carrots and cornflowers

Last year I heard tell of beautiful flowers from parsnips and carrots, so I left some carrots in the ground and I’ve been monitoring their progress ever since. I popped along to the allotment this week to see how they were coming along and was equally wowed by this lovely hub of a flower from my Lovage plant, which seems to be its own little universe. It somehow reminds me of ‘Blade Runner’ and for all those Trekkies out there, ‘Deep Space Nine’.

Carrot flower head beginning to open

Meanwhile, back at the carrots. They’ve looked pretty impressive at all stages of growth and although I love the flower heads once fully opened, this verdant promise of what’s to come is completely enchanting.

Carrot flower head

As the myriad of florets start doing their thing, the umbel starts to be revealed,

Carrot flower head 2

until the full gorgeousness of a dome is formed. I had to bring a few home so that I could gaze at them for a little longer. They look great in a vase with some self-seeded cornflowers too.

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