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First the potatoes and now the carrots. Can veg growing get any more exciting than this? I grew these carrots in a bucket on a balcony, well above the pesky carrot fly’s cruising height, and have been rewarded with these spectacular psychedelic roots. I’ve never grown ‘Rainbow Mix’ before, but it’s on the list for next year already!

I was talking to fellow blogger Veronica at Through the Garden Gate about the enduring delight of digging up potatoes and she says for her the excitement never wanes as it’s like hunting for hidden treasure. And I really felt like this too, waiting to see which colours were next to appear. I marvelled that having sowed and thinned out the carrots randomly, there was still an even amount of oranges, reds, purples and yellows in the bucket. So after the quickest of washes, I started nibbling at the different colours and found that they were all remarkably sweet. What’s more, they retain their colour when cooked.

I have to admit that the purple ones are my favourites though as they still have an orange flesh which contrasts in a very groovy fashion with their rich exterior. These purple carrots can be bought separately as ‘Purple Haze’ or ‘Cosmic Purple’ -still firmly in the realms of psychedelia then!

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