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Wisteria in Swan Walk

I  popped down to the Chelsea Physic Garden recently to hear the marvellous Joy Larkcom talk about unusual veg. The talk was wonderful and inspiring (more about that soon in another post), but I just had to share a few pics of the glorious Wisterias adorning various walls and railings en route in SW3. Take the purple panicles pushing through the railings above. Who wouldn’t want such a magnificent hedge?

Wisteria with Ivy in Chelsea 2

And I take my hat off to the gardener who manages to keep the ivy at bay on the front of this house.

Wisteria with Ivy in Chelsea

I’ve never been one for heights and this creeper must need regular pruning to give the Wisteria a fighting chance to flower each year.

Wisteria in Chelsea

Some of the plants growing up these houses seem to be springing out of the foundations from the lightwell in the basement, but I also love the way this trunk artfully swings its way towards the bricks and mortar from further afield.

Wisteri ahanging over wall in Chelsea 2

And even though you can’t see the full glory of the Wisteria here, you still get the benefit of the delicious scent as you wander by. Marvellous.


Wisteria on Laurier Road

Here’s a few more Wisterias that I pass by regularly (not always with a camera) on my journeys closer to home in North London. I’ve admired of theses beautiful twisted trunks and flowers for the last few years.

Wisteria on Laurier Road 2

Same street, different house (notice different coloured door) and slightly different training. Equally gorgeous.

Wisteria on Aubert Park

And just around the corner from where I live.

Wisteria on Aubert Park 2

And lastly on the same street, this very elegant display. Love ’em all.

P.P.S Have a look a Veronica’s wisteria sighting in Lambeth!

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