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Didn’t have enough room in a client’s garden to grow potatoes this year, so we plumped for the growbag option. We used 3 Potato Gro-sacks (40 Litre / H 18in & W 12in ) from Marshalls, but any large pot or even heavy-duty bin liner would be fine to use. Wasn’t sure how high a yield we’d get, but tried ‘Foremost’ potatoes, a reliable early variety, and everyone’s happy with a yield of 3.5 kilos from each of 2 bags and 3 kilos from another. On reflection, a good solution if you lack the space, but still want the thrill of digging up your own potatoes. Anyone else grow potatoes in containers?

No veg here, as I wanted to grow Sunflowers in my front garden this year. They must be one of the most enjoyable annuals to grow.  Two different varieties (both given to me, so sorry, I don’t know which varieties they are), which complement each other well, height-wise that is. Lots of admiring glances, although next year I’ll stick with the smaller of the two, as more in proportion with the garden and definitely affording more light to our living room!

And lastly, couldn’t resist snapping this amazing plant combination of Lavatera and Crocosmia as I passed by on the way back from Finsbury Park Tube. Rather a flamboyant effect. I love it!

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