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I know I found roast dahlia tubers less than convincing, but James Wong was kind enough to supply me with a dahlia rosti recipe, so I thought it was worth giving it another go. And this time round, the Dahlias proved their worth, the rostis were delicious and so now I have to take it all back!

I used 1kg of tubers, which I thought was a lot, but once grated and as much liquid squeezed out of them as possible, made a perfect lunch for me and 3 others. We invited foodie friends Simon and Julia to sample the rostis with us, and all of us gave them the thumbs up. The rostis don’t have a very strong flavour, but what they do have is a lovely juicy, bouncy texture which works really well with the smoked salmon, dill, sour cream and onions. I don’t often dig up a kilo of dahlia roots, but I’ll know what to do with them next time if I do!

p.s. Very good point made by Deborah in comments below (and James Wong in his book), that you shouldn’t cook bought tubers as they will have been treated with pesticides and fungicides.

P.P.S Oct 2015 Lubera have now developed their own range of ‘DeliDahlias’-six Dahlia varieties that have been honed form their collection to give the best flavours, as well as gorgeous blooms. I’ve yet to taste these, but definitely worth investigating…….

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