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Three weeks ago I sowed some spare pea seeds in a basin for pea shoots. They’re now ready for picking, taste delicious and hopefully, once harvested, will re-grow to give me another helping in a few weeks time.

However, a few days after I sowed my peas, I read a post by Mark at Vertical Veg, saying he just used dried peas from the corner shop for his pea shoots. This makes it a much cheaper option, so I thought I’d give it a go. And he’s right. I soaked the peas overnight and

sowed them nice and close together in an old fruit box (also from the corner shop) filled with multi purpose compost.

I then covered the peas with their about their own depth of compost, watered them in well and waited.

Two and a half weeks later and they’re ready to eat! Hurrah! I did a quick taste comparison with neighbour Annie, and strangely, we found the shoots grown from the dried peas have a more favourable pea-like flavour. Who would have thought it! Huge thanks to Mark for such a great tip and for saving me a packet on pea seeds over summer!

p.s.  When harvesting, pick the shoots just above the lowest leaf to give you maximum yield, but also allowing the plants to grow again.

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