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A quick call to the incredibly helpful Ben Asquith at Brandy Carr Nurseries (a specialist Rhubarb grower in Yorkshire) has reassured me that my flowering Rhubarb is nothing more than a cold induced survival technique. Due to the harsh weather this winter, the Rhubarb thinks that it may not survive another season, so it flowers and sets seeds in order to reproduce itself. Gorgeous though the flowers may be, it’s best to cut them off now with a sharp knife or a pair of secateurs so that the plant puts all its energy into producing tasty stems (especially if it’s a young plant). Attempting to flower so early won’t affect the flavour of the Rhubarb either, so I’m lined up for some happy baking this weekend.

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Asplenium scolopendrium Crispum Group at Fibrex Nurseries stand

Hurrah! Another London plant fair at the RHS Halls in Victoria Following on a month or so after the last London show, this fair promises 25 plant and bulb exhibitors and approximately 20 tradestands. A few of the plant exhibitors that have caught my eye are:

  • Primrose Bank for shade tolerant hardy perennials
  • Fibrex for Ferns and scented Pelargonium
  • RA Scamp Quality Daffodils who supply modern and historical Daffodils
  • Hoyland Plant centre who will be selling Tulbaghias (like mini Agapanthus and very drought tolerant!) and Agapanthus
  • Flower days who will be selling pines and Monkey Puzzle trees (seem to be making a come-back!)
  • Harveys Garden Plants for shade loving perennials

and there are plenty more from Tree ferns to Tulips to Vegetable seeds. The trade stands seems varied too, selling mini and lean-to greenhouses, natural pest controls, garden ties, tools, books and obelisks.

Opening times

  • Tuesday 29 March: 10am – 7pm
  • Wednesday 30 March: 10am – 5pm


FREE for RHS members, £5 for non-members (£3 on Wednesday).

Also noticed on the blurb that, ‘to give the show the authentic feel of a traditional plant fair, nurserymen and growers will be dressed in aprons, boaters and flat caps and prices will be scrawled on black-boards with Covent Garden-style market barrows displaying their plants.’ Hmm…plants and fancy dress! See you there!

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Metal pots can be darned attractive, but can also help to fry the roots of some plants if they get too hot. Always worth taking the time to line the pot with bubble-wrap to protect the roots whilst maintaining the chic/ sleek look that you’re after.(‘Bury me deep in love’ by the Triffids ’87 and covered by Kylie in 2001)

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